Creative Writing Trainings Course

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned writer, there are a variety of Creative Writing Training Courses that can help you improve your writing skills. The courses can teach you how to write fiction, nonfiction, and even co-write a book. You can take them on your own time or join a class where you can work with a professional writer.

Write Your Book: Start Strong and Get It Done with Jennie Nash


Jennie Nash is a bestselling author of more than ten books in three different genres. She also serves as a book coach. Her advice is backed by experience and a wealth of knowledge about the writing process. Her tips will help you write your book in no time at all.


During the course, Jennie Nash teaches her students the revision process and gives them practical tips on how to strengthen their characters and tighten their narrative arc. She also provides a workbook so that students can learn how to apply the course's techniques.


Jennie Nash is the CEO of Author Accelerator, an organization that trains book coaches to help authors create their books. Her clients have won dozens of national indie book awards and signed deals with major publishing houses. During the course, Jennie shares her insights on the writing process from her experiences as an author and an over-50 entrepreneur.

Write Your Personal Essay: Use Your Mistakes to Power Your Personal Essay with Emily Gould


Emily Gould is an American author, co-owner of the indie book project Emily Books. She has written several books, including the essay collection And the Heart Says Whatever, published by Free Press in 2010. She is also the author of the novel Friendship, published by Farrar Straus and Giroux in 2014. Gould lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her family.


Emily Gould's class teaches students how to write personal essays and teaches them how to revise them. Her class offers writing prompts, revision tricks, and an opportunity to post your own essay for feedback. Her class is perfect for new writers, as well as those looking to reach more readers.


Gould has written about the effects of the attention economy on young people's lives. She admits to being an exhibitionist in high school and the pressure to make attention. As a high-profile blogger on a popular website, she had to write posts that would garner attention. She also reflects on how media culture and the attention economy influence the young psyche.

Write Your Memoir: Create Fiction from Personal Experience with Joyce Maynard


The New York Times bestselling author Joyce Maynard can help you write your memoir. Her work has been translated into seventeen languages. Maynard is a writer, teacher, and writing coach. Her work has won her a number of awards, including a Grand Prize for Literature in France. She is currently working on a memoir about her time as a college student in the early 1970s.


A memoirist is often angsty. But Maynard, who has written three memoirs, tries to make her writing style lighter by writing about her childhood and adolescence. Her life story is one that is very personal - her childhood and teenage years were difficult. However, her parents' hard work helped her get ahead, and she felt ready to take on the challenge.


A memoirist should have a sense of what their subject wants to convey. Maynard's creative live class helps people create their memoir with the appropriate format and tone. It's not just about telling the story, but also about making it meaningful for the reader. She'll share a variety of techniques that have helped her to write memoirs, including how to write a compelling story.

Conquer Writer's Block by Bryan Collins of Become a Writer Today


Conquer Writer's Block is a course that will teach you how to write and overcome writer's block. The course will teach you how to avoid writer's block and create an idea bank. It also teaches you how to write like a New York Times best-selling author.

Write Your Novel Blueprint by Jerry Jenkins


Write Your Novel Blueprint by Jerry Jenkins is a great course for those who want to learn how to write a novel. This course covers everything from the first page to plot twists and character development. It also includes sections on creating a writing schedule and staying motivated. The course also includes worksheets to use as you work on your novel.


Developed by bestselling author Jerry Jenkins, Your Novel Blueprint provides a step-by-step system to write a novel. It has proven to be effective in helping authors develop the writing skills they need. The course is available for a monthly or annual membership. The course is a comprehensive guide to novel writing and includes a Facebook group, mastermind sessions, and video feedback on the first ten pages.


The course is organized into four parts and contains 58 modules. Each module contains high-quality videos and worksheets. In each module, Jerry covers topics you want to write about and provides a helpful checklist. The site is easy to navigate and is designed to work with different writing styles.

Masterclass by Joyce Maynard


The Writing Your Story Masterclass by Joyce Maynard will help you to craft your memoir in 26 lessons. The course focuses on developing the story, overcoming writing challenges, designing a comfortable writing space, dealing with rejection, and finding an audience. You'll learn how to develop an emotional connection with your subject matter, and how to market your work.


Using a mastermind group, Joyce Maynard can guide you step-by-step to the process of turning your ideas into words. The course is comprised of 26 HD videos and comes with lifetime access. The course also features exclusive interviews with famous writers. Some of these people include Usher, Christina Aguilera, Werner Herzog, Aaron Sorkin, Frank Gehry, Malcolm Gladwell, and Thomas Keller. And there are upcoming masterclasses from Hollywood stars, including Ron Howard.

Gotham Writers


The Gotham Writers Workshop is one of the top adult-education writing schools in the United States. The school was founded in New York City in 1993 and was one of the first to offer online education. Its online creative writing courses were launched in 1997. Today, students from all over the world can take online creative writing classes at their convenience.


Gotham Writers offers online writing courses as well as in-person workshops in New York. They have a reputation for producing high-quality writing courses and offer a wide variety of genres. You can take online courses in fiction, non-fiction, or corporate creativity. There are even bonus interviews with industry professionals.


Gotham Writers Workshop has creative writing training courses for beginners, as well as more advanced courses. Whether you're a newcomer to the craft or are a seasoned veteran, these courses will help you improve your craft and make your writing more professional. Each class will cover basic writing tools and techniques, as well as different genres. The instructor-taught courses are taught by professional writers who are experienced and highly-skilled.


Gotham Writers Workshop is one of the largest adult-education writing schools in the United States. Its courses range from creative fiction to non-fiction, and tuition varies from $150 to $425 per term. Online classes are available for as little as four weeks, and you can sign up for several terms at a time.